About Heights Youth Lacrosse


Heights Lacrosse is dedicated to organizing, developing, and promoting the sport of lacrosse within the Cleveland Heights/University Heights community. Heights Lacrosse is committed to honoring the game by instilling values of sportsmanship and integrity in an environment that places team accomplishments above personal achievement. Heights Lacrosse develops leaders through scholastic achievements and athletic endeavors while emphasizing the importance of community service.


Girls 3rd-4th

Gillian Cox

Girls 5th-6th

Andrea Briggs - Head Coach

Kelly Jones - Assistant Coach

Girls 7th-8th

Heather Lavender - Head Coach

Megan Rodney - Assistant Coach

High School Girls

Terry Saylor - Head Coach

Lauren Lott - Assistant Coach

High School Boys

Brenden O'Malley

Board Members


Andrea Briggs

Brynn Keefe

Vice President

Janet Fleck Griffith 


Megan Miracle

Megan Rodney


Lisa Stewart

Director of Communications

Rachel Gray

Director of Operations

Heather Lavender

Director of Coaching and Player Development

Brenden O’Malley

Fundraising Chair

Genevieve McDougal